Button Encrusted Christmas Stocking - OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS

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As soon as signups went up for the Christmas Stocking Swap Round 6, I IMMEDIATELY knew what I wanted to make. I just hoped and prayed that whomever I ended up with for a partner would LOVE the idea...boy was I in luck! murbeck was my partner in this swap and she was TOTALLY down for a button-encrusted stocking.

This is what I came up with after mulling over what to put on here that wasn't going to be too hard to reproduce in buttons, and wasn't religious-oriented, but still festive.

I'm head over heels THRILLED with how this came out!!!! I ADORE this and SOOOOOOOO wanted to keep it when I was done. murbeck, you're one lucky lady, lemme tell ya Wink

Here's a couple close ups of the button-gasm that FIRST stocking!!

(check out the cute little cookie jar button!)

Oh, the HOURS that went into this!! I have a picture in my head for what I want to put on my next stocking for myself. Gotta stock up on more buttons Shocked

Tell me what you think! C&C welcome Grin

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Button Encrusted Christmas Stocking - OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS

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